Projects implemented by the Chair

The UNESCO Chair at Marin Barleti University, in cooperation with partners, is involved in different national and international projects:   TELESEICT: Teaching and Learning in Special Education with Information Communication Technologies. The main purpose this project is to raise the awareness in teacher training of the use of ICT - digital competences, when

Participation in International Scientific Conference

During the International Scientific Conference on "Dialogue between Civilizations and the Challenges of tolerance in the digital age" at the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Dr. Ervis MARTANI presented a paper on "Intercultural dialogue and education policies tools to encounter intolerance in the Western Balkans countries". The paper focuses on

Seminar with prof. Renzo Repetti

The Chair, in cooperation with Levizja ShqipON, a civil society organization, organized a seminar with students and young people on the issue of participatory democracy and contemporary socio-political challenges. The keynote speaker of this event was prof. Renzo Repetti from the Department of Political Science of the University of Genoa,

Trans-national meeting in Bucharest

On the 16-17 October 2016 the UNESCO Chair participated in the third international meeting  of the project NEC which was held in Bucharest, Romania. During these day different activities was organized by the Romanian partner, such as the performance of a theater piece on immigration in Europe by the

Meeting with the UNESCO Chair at the University of Bucharest

Dr. Ervis Martani and Dr. Dorian Jano visited the UNESCO Chair of Intercultural and Inter-religious Exchanges at the University of Bucharest and met the chair holder, Prof. Romulus Brancoveanu and the coordinator, Dr. Lilian Ciachir. This meeting represent the first step towards the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration between the

Bachelor course on “Human Rights”

The Bachelor course on "Human Rights" aims to familiarize students with the main issues of human rights. Human rights can not be understood outside of the concept of human society and can not be stripped of their universal character, they can be studied closely with the State's obligation to be respected,

Master course on “International Protection of Human Rights”

The master course on  "International Protection of Human Rights" at Marin Barleti University aims to provide students with basic knowledge of theoretical and practical human rights through study of the key legal instruments and quasi legal, the international and national right kind and the right strong (soft and hard law) on the protection

Open lecture by prof. Myjer

Jean Monnet Chair at Marin Barleti University in cooperation with the UNESCO Chair and Albanian Institute for Public Affairs, supported by the Embassy of Netherlands in Albania, is implementing the Public Mobile Academy, a project conceived as a series of lectures and workshops on various issues related to the recent

National meeting on Human Rights

Since after the launching, the Chair is involved in the implementation of different projects in cooperation with Albanian Institute for Public Affairs and Jean Monnet Chair at Marin Barleti University. In the framework of the Youth Mobile Academy on Human Rights, the Chair is committed to the education and training

Trans-national meeting on refugee crisis and euro-skepticism

In the framework of the project NEC - The New European Citizens– on 23 and 24 may 2016 the Chair was involved in the organization of the transnational meeting in Tirana. The guests speakers (ambassadors, international, and national, organizations  representatives, professors) and participants discussed about immigrants and refugees crisis, solidarity