Master course on “Globalization, Poverty and Human Rights”

Dr. Martani is guest lecturer of the Master course on "Globalization, Poverty and Human Rights" at "Aleksander Moisiu" University in Durres. This course deals with driving forces in the essence of globalization and the opportunity of their management, for the  reduction of  poverty and the enhancement of socio-economic development of

Bachelor course on “Human Rights”

The Bachelor course on "Human Rights" aims to familiarize students with the main issues of human rights. Human rights can not be understood outside of the concept of human society and can not be stripped of their universal character, they can be studied closely with the State's obligation to be respected,

Master course on “International Protection of Human Rights”

The master course on  "International Protection of Human Rights" at Marin Barleti University aims to provide students with basic knowledge of theoretical and practical human rights through study of the key legal instruments and quasi legal, the international and national right kind and the right strong (soft and hard law) on the protection