Projects implemented by the Chair

The UNESCO Chair at Marin Barleti University, in cooperation with partners, is involved in different national and international projects:


Teleseict WebTELESEICT: Teaching and Learning in Special Education with Information Communication Technologies. The main purpose this project is to raise the awareness in teacher training of the use of ICT – digital competences, when creating good learning environments for pupils in need of special support. Hence, the project will highlight the use of ICT with people with different disabilities in special educational contexts and settings, and thus allow access to ICT for almost everyone. The combination of knowledge from the 11 partners will give the necessary European dimension to the project because everyone will contribute with their experience in one specific area: Intellectual disability, Physical disability, hearing loss and deafness, vision loss and blindness, accessibility.


LogoRESTART – Reinventing European Solidarity And Raising Tolerance. The project aims at raising awareness on the refugee crisis that Europe has been facing over the last two years. In the light of the threat to the Schengen Agreement and the rise of euroscepticism across Europe and especially to countries affected the most from the ongoing crisis, we aim at educating both the European citizens and the refugees and create bridges of communication between these two different target groups.


NEC – The New European Citizens.  This project aims at developing an active dialogue and comparison on EU future development and citizenship rights between youngsters born or grown up in the EU countries involved by the project, both with and without EU citizenship, and a new candidate State. As a matter of fact, the main focus of the project is to analyze and spread the perception of these youngsters, coming from different social and cultural backgrounds, about actual EU and future development, as well as their citizenship rights and their effective participation to democratic life in increasingly multicultural societies.


Youth Mobile Academy on Human Rights was a project implemented in cooperation with Albanian Institute for Public Affairs funded by the U.S. Embasy in Tirana. This initiative has been conceived and designed as a joint project of AIPA and High Schools in Albania for continuous education training and activism on Human Rights issues. YMA-HR initiative will enhance education of youth on Human Rights issue and encourage them to actively participate in community.


Mobile Academy was a project implemented, in seven different albanian universities, in cooperation with the Jean Monnet Chair at Marin Barleti University, in collaboration with the Embassy of Kingdom of Netherlands, focused on seven topics: Interreligious dialogue; Minorities Rights; Roma inclusion; EU integration; LGBT rights; Woman in Politics; Gender equality.