Master course on “Globalization, Poverty and Human Rights”

globalizimiDr. Martani is guest lecturer of the Master course on “Globalization, Poverty and Human Rights” at “Aleksander Moisiu” University in Durres. This course deals with driving forces in the essence of globalization and the opportunity of their management, for the  reduction of  poverty and the enhancement of socio-economic development of the world, especially in developing countries, in accordance with international standards of human rights. Progressive growth of relations and exchanges in various fields at the global level leads to an international economic and cultural convergence, which is associated with positive and negative effects. On the one hand it is emphasized the role of globalization in the economic and social progress of less developed countries and in turn is highlighted the fact that despite remarkable progress in recent decades, the violation of human dignity and fundamental rights continues to be widespread. So, the link between globalization, development and human rights constitutes one of the most sensitive topics of the contemporary scientific debate.

The objectives of this course are to familiarize students with the main concepts of the globalization, poverty, inequality and the current situation of the human rights in this context. Students have to be familiarized with debates related to these issues and to develop the critical views and the analytical skills necessary to address the various issues that are presented.