Bachelor course on “Human Rights”

The Bachelor course on “Human Rights” aims to familiarize students with the main issues of human rights. Human rights can not be understood outside of the concept of human society and can not be stripped of their universal character, they can be studied closely with the State’s obligation to be respected, to be protected and promote them. Interesting would be the difference between American and European system focusing on the right to life. One of the topics the focus of this course will be the tension between independence and human rights in the world of politics.

The course will also focus on the strengths and weaknesses of efforts to promote and protect international human rights by individuals, non-governmental organizations, countries and international organizations. Limitation of human rights, prohibition of torture, prohibition of slavery, prohibition of forced labor and discrimination will also be the subject of discussion of this exchange. Finally, special attention will be devoted to human rights in the Albanian legal system and its development in relation to other national and international systems.